Reproduction/Replica Big Game Wildlife

Bring memorable moments from hunting or wildlife expeditions to life again in a way that’s realistic and captivating with big game and wildlife reproductions from Turkey Hill Wildlife. Our expert team in East Earl, PA, will create a top-quality replica of the game you hunted. Our reproductions can be easily customized to include your preferred aesthetics, characteristics, and poses.

Genuine Reproductions with Realistic Details

Our first priority with big game replicas is to recreate the harvested animal with as much realism as possible. We have a talented team that has successfully produced incredibly realistic taxidermy reproductions of elephants, rhinos, hippos, and other large animals. Reproductions can be created based on measurements you provide, video, images, or detailed descriptions. Our talented team pays attention to every detail with big game replicas, including:

  • Size and shape of tusks and horns
  • Texture of animal skin
  • Scars, cuts, scratches, broken horns, and other unique characteristics

Multiple Pose Options

Your reproduction can be designed to hang on a wall or it may be prepared as a floor pedestal. We also offer multiple options with poses, which may be precisely replicated from photos or adjusted as per your requests. If you need some expert input, we’ll gladly make appropriate suggestions.

Our Big Game Wildlife Replica Services

The experienced artisans at Turkey Hill Wildlife can produce wildlife replicas that range from full, life-size reproductions to specific parts you want meticulously recreated. We offer several types of wildlife replicas for the larger game avid hunters and collectors typically appreciate having for special places in their homes, offices, or businesses.

Elephant Replica

Elephant Replicas

  • Shoulder elephants
  • Pedestal elephants
  • Life-size elephant reproductions
  • Elephant ears and tusks

Rhino and Hippo Taxidermy Replicas

  • Life-size rhinoceros reproductions
  • Full hippopotamus replicas
  • Hippo shoulders

Other Animal Reproductions

  • Full crocodiles replicas
  • Oxpecker reproduction
  • Cattle egret replicas
  • Walrus reproductions

Photo Gallery

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Credit to the photographer, McKenzie Taxidermy Supply.