Hunting Room Design and Construction

Take your big game trophy room to a new level with our team of designers and taxidermy artists. We have undergone extensive research and polished our skills over the years with mountain and rock reproductions, hand-painted murals, special lighting techniques and hand sculpted artificial trees.

It’s not uncommon for a hunter to acquire a small collection of taxidermy work, only to outgrow the allocated space. We transform many collections into an wildlife ensemble of cohesive mounts that retell the gaming experiences. With our foam core rock system, we are able to eliminate wasted space by utilizing areas such as bookshelves, gun safes, storage areas or offices.

Perhaps you’ve just returned from a week or a month long safari hunt and need to plan out your prized trophies into a wildlife scene incorporating mountains, ledge rock or small trees to create that natural habitat of your wild game. If this means trying to replicate the Teton Mountain Range or the African Plains we have the habitat and material to create natural environments for your trophy room.

So whether you’re remodeling an existing space, starting from scratch or need a bunch of new taxidermy work done after your big hunt, turn to Turkey Hill Wildlife. We will work with your ideas, hand sketched drawings or photos, implement our skills and processes to give you a high-end finished taxidermy product. The best way to start your project is to schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your project.

Commercial Displays

In addition to residential trophy rooms, we also do taxidermy work for commercial applications such as large sporting goods stores or small local gun shops. Bigger commercial spaces allows us to be even more creative with indoor rock wall formations, building even higher and wider for a jaw dropping display.

Want a scene above your retail space or a wall of rocks to display your items being sold? Turkey Hill Wildlife has solutions for projects of any size. Stand out from the crowd and create a unique shopping experience that will have your customers coming back with friends and family to marvel at your custom displays.

Contact us to discuss your commercial project and get a free quote.

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