About Turkey Hill Wildlife

The quality of our craftsmanship is what pioneers our team and leads the way. We are not a mass production factory focused on quantity, but a quality minded studio focused on customer satisfaction and fine taxidermy work. Our team has earned a reputation in the taxidermy trade for our creative ideas and reasonable pricing with quick turnarounds.

Quality, commitment, and innovation are more than ideals we work toward. They are core values we live and breathe – values found in every product and service we offer. So whether your planning a Alaskan brown bear hunt or just returning from a African safari hunt, contact are studio for information, insight and a price quote. Call us… You’ll be glad you did.


Experience the Difference

At Turkey Hill Wildlife our team is dedicated to creating unique and authentic natural wildlife scenes. Our team has found unique ways to build artificial yet realistic trees, mold rocks that look and feel real and blend them together in a natural habitat that is surreal and second to none. We’ve already created an Acacia Tree for an African scene large enough to display 5 animals in one tree. So, whether your project is small or large, or you’re just planning your next hunt or returning from your adventure, give us a try and experience the difference!