Pre-Hunt Package

Planning another hunting trip? Prior to your hunt contact Turkey Hill Wildlife for your personalized package which contains important instruction,insight, and customs forms (where required) .  We will also print personalized laminated trophy tags. These tags can be affixed to your animal skins and/or horns while in the field. While we can’t help you track your animal…we can sure streamline your next hunting adventure and satisfy regulations and requirements.

Turkey Hill Wildlife is an approved USDA Import facility. How does this benefit you?  If you’re planning to hunt in another country the USDA  requires your trophy to be quarantined after it arrives in the States. There are multiple game species (example Warthogs) from varies country that require the import of that particular animal to be sent to a USDA approved facility to be processed, and we do just that….   We have all the necessary documents and information to make your next hunt stress-free. Its that easy !    Call us and make arrangements before your next trophy hunt.



Trophy Delivery Options

Turkey Hill Wildlife has three delivery options you can choose from, after your mount is complete.

Option 1 – Pick-Up at our Studio

While this is the most common delivery option, it is not always possible because of the distance or the size of the completed mount(s). However, It’s not uncommon for clients to drive a great distance with there own vehicle and trailer to  pick-up there newly completed  mounts.     Contact the studio for pick-up hours.

Option 2 – Motor Freight Delivery

Turkey Hill Wildlife facilities are located in Eastern Pennsylvania, We have been serving some of the most discerning  hunters all across the United States.  Upon the completion of your trophies our team will construct durable wooden crates to ship your newly finished wildlife scene. We then make arrangements with motor freight carriers, securing the best rates possible for delivery to your location.  Its that easy !  Crate-less shipping options are also available.

Option 3 – Delivery & Set-up by Our Team

Want total peace of mind? Let our team delivery your finished product with our truck and trailer to your location.  While it may not be the most cost effective delivery option, it is proven to be the most convenient and safest delivery option for larger trophies, or larger orders.  Contact our studio for rates and delivery schedule. We might just be in your Town.