Skull Cleaning

European Skull Cleaning

Our beetle skull cleaning process provides you with a safe and secure method of having skulls cleaned, degreased and whitened for long-lasting durability. Our Degreasing process is an essential step that will ensure no yellowing of your skull for years to come. Skull taxidermy mounts are a great way to display a specimen in a more compact space than a shoulder mount. Our team is able to handle any size project from mice to elephants. Don’t live close to our facility? Ship your skull via Ups or FedEx and we will return your skull all completed and preserved in a short couple months.

Skull Mounting Ideas

In addition to cleaning skulls , we also have multiple custom skull mounting options for both wall mounting or desktop displays.. Mounting boards can be made from oak, maple, walnut hardwood or metal. Our wood shop can also custom design a skull display mount from your very own ideas. Want something different?   Display your European skull in a natural habitat scene, Custom build right here in our studio to your size and specification, Our team can build scenes themed, woodland, rock or snow making it a one of kind skull display scene. Call our Studio for pricing and availability.

Camo Dipped  Skulls

Camo hydrographic skull’s have quickly become a customer’s choice with many different graphical patterns to choose from including winter/snowfall colors and fall/timber colors. Camo paintings can be added to any new skull fresh off a hunt, or to an old skull that needs a refreshed look. Hydro dipped Skull is also a great solution to skulls that are not easily whitened, such as skulls found in the wild.  Please view a few samples below.

Photo Gallery